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GLOBAL Enterprises seeks Distributors (Exclusive Supply Partners ) for unrepresented territories for our brands OSSOM EnviroCHEM, SpringMop and other Cleaning Products.

Our Expertise

The company is a front runner in offering professional cleaning products in industrial and institutional sector. Since 2008, GLOBAL Enterprises’ growth and success have been brought about by offering quality and cost effective products to our hundreds of clients & dealers.

To achieve our mutual business goals, GLOBAL Enterprises helps Supply Partners set up and run smooth sales and supply operations in their dedicated areas.

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We are looking for Exclusive Supply Partners to join hands with us where we are unrepresented.

Our proven partnership model ensures that both the company and the distributor support each other in achieving business goals.

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SUPPORT to Exclusive Supply Partners

GLOBAL Enterprises helps Exclusive Supply Partners in set up and operate sales and supply business to achieve maximum profit with minimum investment.

Active Support & Guidance

(to start and run Business)

As an Exclusive Supply Partner of GLOBAL Enterprises, you get the authorization and exclusivity to use our brand name in your designated area. Further, we provides full support, technical know-how & guidance to set up your sales and supply business. Our own cloud based proprietary software ensures smooth running of sales management & database safety of your day to day field activity.

Technical Support & Product Knowledge

We regularly consult with you and your sales personnel and conduct evaluations that helps identify the need for product training. We also help you by providing proper documentation and certifications to build your reputation as professional vendor among corporate and industrial clients. We regularly guides you to adopt new and innovative products to acquire new customer base.

Business Development Support

We conducts regular marketing activities to generate business leads for you. GLOBAL Enterprises also runs as aggressive e-commerce platform Hygienedunia for accepting online orders. All these online orders are passed on to you. We also provide you opportunity to reach to end customers as well increase your dealer network.

Procurement & Delivery Management Support

OSSOM EnviroCHEM and SpringMop are our in-house manufacturing and fast moving brand which are ready to cater mass segment. We help you in procuring other complementary products also which will complete your product basket and increase your turn over many folds from Day 1. We will also suggest you to optimize sales and delivery cost to increase your profit margins.

Off-line & On-line Marketing Support

The in-house team of GLOBAL Enterprises provides designs for advertising material such as cards, posts and videos for use by you & your team for social media marketing. Regular running of digital marketing campaigns also helps boosting your business. You don’t require to spend anything for any online directories like IndiaMart, Trade India, JustDial, etc. We ensure to have your strong digital presence. Our dedicated team works daily to increase your search engine visibility.

EXPECTATION from Exclusive Supply Partners

Our exclusive supply partners (ESP) should have space for godown cum office & sales person and invest,

to maintain optimum inventory level, to make their business a success.


The ESP should own/lease a medium space of approximately 800-1000 sq. ft. carpet area for godown cum office purpose. The location could be at backyard lane, but should be easily accessible for smooth & fast deliveries. A desktop/Laptop

is must for accounting purpose. Multiple iron racks also need to be put in place. 


The exclusive supply partner monitors and controls day-to-day operations like sales, demo, deliveries, receivables, client meetings, etc.


The exclusive supply partner will make an immediate investment for procurement of most of the fast moving products and some quantity of slow moving products as well. He/she will also require working capital for operational expenses and urgent purchases.


The exclusive supply partner should have 2 or more sales person who will approach to target customers and respond to the leads. We will help them for their training and product & market knowledge. We will support them with our digital market campaigning also.