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GLOBAL Enterprises now showcasing...

the sustainable and affordable solutions to protect your workplaces from the unseen and hidden germs and viruses.

Spray the diluted solution

Inside and outside of the entire premises

Scrub and Mopping

All the hard surfaces including walls

Damp Wiping

Every workstation, door handles, glasses, etc.

Our Sustainable Solutions

Recommended for all Housekeeping and Kitchen Operations.

For spray, scrub, mopping and wipe applications.

OSSOM S12 KLOR Chlorinated Cleaner cum Sanitizer

  • Cleans, Sanitizes, Deodorizes and Brightens the surface in one easy step
  • Highly effective to kill germs, remove stains, mold, smells and fat build ups from toilets, washrooms, food preparation areas and water washable hard surfaces.
  • Suitable for use in Kitchen and Housekeeping operations.

OSSOM S2 SUPER Multipurpose Hard Surface Cleaner cum Sanitizer

* Neutral pH   * Highly Concentrate   Kills 99.9% of Germs

*Apply diluted product using spray, mop, cloth, brush or machine on the surface to be cleaned.

* Then wipe off with lint free cloth, mop or wiper. Suitable for all water safe hard surfaces.

OSSOM QA Sanitizer

Quaternary Ammonium Chloride based no-rinse Sanitizer and Cleaner

  • For hard, non-porous food contact surfaces such as tables, counters, food processing equipment and third sink application.
  • Also suitable for deodorize and sanitation of floors,walls, garbage storage areas, toilet bowls, school/guest room furniture, and other surfaces.


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